Two Sides to Every Story: Cladding.

[Materials Series] James Hardie is the global leader in the production of interior and exterior building products.

James Hardie claddings are used extensively in new residential construction, manufactured housing, renovations and extensions. As well as a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Their product range suits a wide palette of architectural styles. From classic and traditional to ultra-modern and contemporary designs.

James Hardie cladding products look great in combination with many traditional building materials such as stone, wood and brick. External cladding is the ideal choice in homes for their functional and aesthetic properties. Hence, it’s popularity amongst designers and builders.

What is cladding?

External cladding is like a protective layer or second skin on the outside of a house. Weather-resistant and safeguarding homes from the harsh Australian natural elements.

External cladding comes in different types, styles and materials;

  • Brick veneer or brick cladding typically sits on a specially formed concrete slab edge which allows for an air cavity between the brick stack and the frame.
  • Weatherboards can be made from natural timber, engineered timber or fibre cement nailed to timber frames or screwed on to light gauge steel frames.
  • Shiplap boards are another type of horizontal cladding which attaches directly to the frame and uses a tongue and groove style overlap.
  • Fibre cement sheet comes in a variety of styles defined by textures and joint treatments.

Where is cladding used?

Around three-quarters of Australian homes are built with timber frames. The frame is constructed first, then the roof, windows and exterior cladding. Internal linings are attached to the frame.

Demand for fibre cement cladding continues to grow in Australia as it provides increased flexibility with designs.

Fibre Reinforced Cement (FRC) – or simply fibre cement. The extensive James Hardie range offers a variety of textures and looks which can be used independently or combined to achieve a classic or modern look. From vertical or horizontal shadow lines to architectural rendered walls.

EasyTex™ by James Hardie is a pre-primed fibre cement panel embedded with a fine texture. It delivers a modern render design aesthetic. It can be featured on internal walls for an architectural look.

What are the benefits of fibre cement cladding?

Stylish and Versatile – Greater flexibility in mixing and matching a diverse range of exterior styles without changing the method of construction.

Weatherproof – They don’t crack, swell or warp like wood so they can hold dark colours and for longer.

Thermal Efficiency – Can deliver significant benefits on warm days because of the materials’ inherent ability to cool rapidly at night.

Fire Resistant – Aids compliance in bushfire-prone areas and where fire and acoustic walls are required.

Speed of Installation – Makes the building process simpler and faster by reducing the need for wet trades on site.

Space Maximisation – Generate greater internal floor area within a home because the walls can be thinner.

External cladding can be used to add personality and style to the design of a home. Improving the appearance of buildings with a large variety of styles, textures and colours. Finally, cladding can get your home to lock up faster and in your home sooner.

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As Mornington Peninsula builders, The Tempo Group, are a fully licenced luxury home builder with specialist expertise in custom-built homes, multi-residential developments and commercial construction. James Hardie products are specified for many homes built by The Tempo Group for their commitment to quality and industry-leading innovation.

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Source and image credits: James Hardie

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