The Story: Ben Comelli and The Tempo Group.

[Expert Interview] Meet Ben Comelli, managing director of The Tempo Group. Learn more about this born and bred Mornington Peninsula boy in this ‘Stories Built’ Q&A on all things building.

Single, double, or multi; Ben has a tale for every storey.

What inspired you to become a builder?

BEN: It was a grassroots start. After completing secondary school, I knew I needed to be outdoors. So, I started work as a labourer in Rosebud and immediately knew I liked the building game. Growing up on a farm, my dad taught me to learn from those wiser than myself then make it your own, which is what I did. I was accepted into an adult apprenticeship, qualified and then pursued project management. This hands-on experience has been paramount to the growth of my own business.

Tell us about your experience as a builder? How long have you been a Mornington Peninsula builder?

BEN: I founded Tempo Development Group in 2007 when in my early 20s. I love what I do, it’s part of how I live my life. I’m constantly looking for new ideas or the next challenge. And having an appreciation for quality and beautiful finishes, I’ve focussed on creating high-end luxury homes on the Mornington Peninsula and beyond. My team and I understand the landscape and the challenges that come with different building blocks.

I love handing down my knowledge to our apprentices and seeing them make it their own. There’s a number of past employees who have gone on to start their own business. In a way, I feel honoured to be part of their stories. I’m also proud of how far the business has come. I’ve felt every ripple; the ups and the downs. But I feel like the journey has only just begun and we have some exciting times ahead. 

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What makes The Tempo Group different from other builders?

BEN: Our diversity of builds. We can cater for any type of construction. From multi-rise, multi-residential and mixed residential to super high-end spec homes in Portsea and Sorrento. We are specialists in; extensive renovations, basements, apartments, offshore land developments, building for companies such as Defence Housing and so much more. Our projects span from the Mornington Peninsula to Melbourne and beyond.

All Tempo managers on site are trade qualified, not university trained. They know how to build projects and don’t live behind a management software program. We are heavily invested in building strong long-term relationships with clients and industry partners.

What are your core values and beliefs as a business owner?

BEN: Providing a work environment that I would want to work in, is one of my core beliefs. If I didn’t want to work here then why would anyone else? I’m also a big believer in a healthy mind and body. I find an invigorating early morning swim in the bay helps me focus on the day ahead.

I live by the mantra; ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give’ – Winston Churchill. It is about being tenacious and rolling up our sleeves to make it all happen. Having a willingness to be the best we can, learn new things and keep moving forward. Approaching every day with commitment and conviction to our clients and projects.

What do you love doing on the Peninsula when not at work?

BEN: I’m usually focused on work. But I do get time to relax. Our home in Mt Eliza is an extension of our family and the life we live. My wife and I are big on entertaining with family, extended family and friends. We spend time outdoors and camping with our 3 boys in the pool. It’s a lot of fun.

My escape is dirt bikes, motocross, enduro riding and travelling. In 2016, I organised a motorbike tour in Cambodia with the team. The tour operator was fellow Aussie, Jason Thatcher. I discovered that Jason was also the founder of Global Village Housing (GVH), a grass-roots organisation building and gifting homes to Cambodian families in great need. As builders, this was an opportunity for us to lend a helping hand. So, with this shared vision to break the poverty cycle, we returned and started the ‘Tempo Build a Village’ campaign. We are well on our way to raising enough money to reach our aim of donating 50 Homes to 50 Families and maybe even a school. Read more about Ben Comelli.

Ben and The Tempo Group are here to help.

As Mornington Peninsula builders, The Tempo Group are a fully licenced luxury home builder with specialist expertise in custom-built homes, multi-residential developments and commercial construction. We offer clients ‘Interiors By Tempo’, our in-house interior designer and selections specialist.

Book a Zoom consultation with Ben and the team to chat about your next project; single, double, or multi.

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