Matt Bridgman
General Manager

As a kid Matt wanted to sail away on a boat, get lost, be close to the water, surf and to navigate his way through the Pacific Islands (which he did).

Now this salty dog with much world and life experience, along with building expertise, heads the helm at The Tempo Group.

Matt has spent most of his adult life in the building industry. Leaving school at 16, he completed a four year apprenticeship in one of the world’s oldest trades, stonemasonry. His career then took him into concreting, specialising in basement construction and being exposed to large commercial projects, including civil and earthworks.

Matt moved into site and project management, running large multi residential and commercial projects, quickly mastering the challenge of co-ordinating and managing multiple disciplines from marketing, sales, sub-contractors and sites.

Matt says building is easy – the biggest challenge is people management and building strong diverse teams. His vision for Tempo is to expand and grow the company and people. He is passionate about teaching people and nurturing the talent and he’s always looking for new opportunities to challenge the group.

Outside of work you’ll find Matt still exploring the world’s oceans, surfing, playing with his Border Collie Harley (the only Harley he will have) and spending time with his active teenage girls.