Ben Comelli
Managing Director

A qualified DBU and CBM, Ben began his career in construction working for PACE Development Group and soon recognised he was drawn to the project management side of the construction industry. Within a few short years, Ben’s entrepreneurial side saw there was a gap in the Mornington Peninsula market for superior quality residential and commercial construction. With his passion for building and a desire to do things better than other building companies, Ben set up The Tempo Group in 2008 and hasn’t looked back.

Progressing from developing blocks of land on the Mornington Peninsula, building single or dual occupancy dwellings and then selling, coupled with commercial projects, Ben’s business acumen has seen the company expand into larger mixed used developments, multi dwelling developments and more recently a large housing development of 91 land lots in Tasmania, partnering with the DHA for high volume housing, along with multi level apartment development. All the time, keeping true to his focus of superior quality construction.

As the company has grown, so has Ben: he’s always attending trade fairs and taking part in study tours to broaden his industry knowledge. The growth has also been significant with his management team, a tight knit group of diverse individuals. He promotes and empowers the team to be self-sufficient and decision makers: team culture is a significant part of Ben’s success.

He also has a strong social conscience and is keen to give back to the community where ever possible. Along with sponsoring a number of local sporting clubs, The Tempo Group is heavily involved with Global Village Housing, and together they build and gift homes to the very poorest villages in Cambodia. Born and bred on the Mornington Peninsula, when not relaxing with his family and playing kick to kick with his young boys, you’ll find Ben looking for the next opportunity to extend the Tempo business.