How To Choose The Best Builder For Your Dream Home On The Mornington Peninsula and Beyond.

Are you currently searching for the right custom builder to build your new architecturally designed home?

Not sure how to make that very important final decision?

For many, building a new home may only happen once, so it is vital to select the right building company to bring your dream home to life.

We want to share 5 important quality traits you SHOULD look for in a building company to ensure that your building experience is one of complete satisfaction.

We recommend you start looking for a builder by:

  • Searching for a master builder on websites such as Master Builders Victoria and the Housing Industry Association (HIA).
  • Seeking referrals from architects and drafts people who have previously built homes for friends or neighbours.

These qualities provide a great starting point for your research when selecting the right builder to deliver your new luxury home.

#1 Specialist.

Start by finding a building company who has extensive experience and specialist expertise in the type of construction work you’re after. Whether that is; a custom-built new home, an extensive renovation, multi-residential development, mixed-residential development, commercial fit-out or refurbishment. You want a specialist team who knows exactly what to expect in any situation.

Specialists know the value of niche expertise. They have specialised managers on staff and hire specialised subcontractors, all expert in their trades. Which means fewer delays. Having a builder who can identify any issues early will guarantee a smoother build and final inspection.

So, be sure to look for a specialist builder. You can save considerable time, money and hassle by choosing a builder who is experienced in the type of construction work you’re after. This is particularly true with basements, where specialist skills are definitely required.

#2 Trustworthy.

The first step in your journey to a successful build is to meet with the building team. It is important to find a builder that you like and trust for your dream home build. The way the builder treats you throughout this initial process is how you will be treated during the build. Ask yourself, were they prompt in returning phone calls and emails? Did they make themselves available to meet in person? Did they offer feedback and advice regarding the building process? A reputable builder will offer guidance regarding specifications and suggest ways to reduce building costs without compromising the standard of the build.

Supplier references can be useful but checking out a builder on-line will tell you so much more. If a building company is ‘invisible’ online, they may have something to hide. Make sure you choose a reputable, licenced builder. A master builder. A reputable builder showcases their work. Look for a company website with a gallery of previous projects. Look closely at the quality of the homes they have built; from construction to the finishing touches. Request to see a similar job currently in progress. A site visit allows you to see the workmanship that you can expect in your new home.

Other useful things to look for are; Google reviews, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and even a YouTube channel that demonstrates previous work. A building company that is established as an authority in the building and construction industry will have a great website with great reviews. They will be punctual and very good at communicating on-site and off-site.

#3 Professional.

So how can you be sure that the builder is going to be professional throughout the building process?

When interviewing builders, ask about their proven build process. If the builder mentions they use an online project management system, you can feel confident that they are among the most professional in the industry.

Everything should be transparent from the start of the job to the handover of the keys. Look for a builder who organises their jobs systematically and works with you from the outset to ensure your expectations are met. Having systems and open communication is the secret to ensuring there are no miscommunications and all expectations align.

A professional builder will have a clearly defined construction schedule in place to ensure tasks are completed as planned and delivered on time. Milestones are built-in and the builder will be accountable for keeping to them. Progress will then be communicated with you during each stage of the build. Ask to see the builder’s schedule. This should be readily available if they have taken the time to plan for your home.

The more informed you are about the professional builder you choose, the more likely it is that your building experience will be a success. And not only in terms of the finished result but the journey that gets you to that point.

Download our checklist of essential questions you should ask when choosing the best builder for your dream home. When you ask a builder these questions, you’ll quickly establish their level of professionalism, their expertise and their ability to build your dream lifestyle.

Downloadable PDF; The Essential Questions

#4 Comprehensive.

When receiving a quote from a builder, you would expect the quote to be accurate and detailed. If it is not, then be prepared for extra costs to occur during the build.

When quoting a home build there are many things to factor into the final price. A briefing meeting with the builder and client should be set up to determine what needs to be included in the home. These meetings can take a couple of hours but are a vital part of ensuring that what you envisage to be included in your new home quote actually is.

The builder will also need to make a visit to the site where your home is going to be built. A site visit is important to gauge the available access to the block, availability of utilities, and take measurements of the slope of the block. All which can impact on-site costs. To factor in true and accurate costs to your quote, the builder will need to send your plans to their trusted trades to have them quote various work.

The builder will work out quantities of materials and apply all of the items that go into building your home. Council fees and inspections, insurances, steel, concrete, termite protection, bricklaying, carpentry work, roof installation, insulation, appliances, painting, laying of tiles, plumbing and electrical just to name a few!

You can be reassured that a builder who presents a comprehensive quotation will have processes in place to ensure things run efficiently throughout the entire building process.

#5 Above all, the builder needs to be Personable.

Building a new home can be overwhelming. From demolition, excavation, to electrical, plumbing work, and to selecting your finishes. A builder who breaks down the process into easy-to-understand parts will deliver a more personal and enjoyable building experience.

A building company who also assigns a project and site management team to each project is in much more control of the building process. Each home can be managed individually. If any issues arise, they can be dealt with immediately. You can be sure that you will get to know your builder and their trusted trades on a personal level and that your experience of building a new home will be enjoyable. Keep this in mind when choosing your builder to ensure that you get a more personable, stress-free experience.

It is not unusual for the planning stage to take up to 12 months prior to building. So it is definitely a long-term relationship you will be forming with your builder. You should make sure the builder and their team are positive and friendly and will guide you every step of the way. Read more on working with us.

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Download our checklist of essential questions you should ask when choosing the best builder for your dream home. When you ask a builder these questions, you’ll quickly establish their level of professionalism, their expertise and their ability to build your dream lifestyle.

Downloadable PDF; The Essential Questions

The Essential Questions To Ask A Builder.

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